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Thank god half the world seem to be better educated than us in languages. It’s actually quite embarrassing that we can’t speak another language fluently between us. I think it’s a British ignorance to just expect others to speak English. Take for example, the German boys in Italy who were tourists themselves, spoke English. We have picked up a few of the essentials in Italy – now onto learn some Slovene.

We drove about 300 km from Punto Sabbioni to Lake Bled in Slovenia – no passports required for the border crossing but at least there was a sign which signaled it was Slovenia this time. It’s also immediately apparent we’ve crossed over by the drop in petrol prices but also the smell of the country – fresh alpine air.

A lot of bikers pass us on the way to Lake Bled and it was easy to see why. The roads are fairly clear and the scenery is beautiful. Couple of odd road signs include ‘No trains’ and ‘No Horse and Carts’ on the motorways.

We arrive into Lake Bled, set-up the tent in 20 minutes and head out for a walk. There’s a little island in the lake with a Monastery on top which we assume you can climb up and ring the bell – as it strikes more than every hour/half hour. It started thundering and pouring it down but it lasted only 10 minutes and cleared enough to get the pictures above but you can Google ‘Lake Bled’ and get the exact images but better.

It continued to pour down throughout the night so early night for us. It seems we have inadvertently become Lake Tourists and unintentionally visited some of the worlds best – Lake Annecy, Lake Como, Lake Garda and now Lake Bled. I think that’s probably it for Lakes for a while, but we have seen there is a pretty nice one in Pakistan.

Off to Croatia next but probably won’t go to Plitvice Lakes again.