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Just once more…Croatia

On Saturday we headed for a Dubrovnik campsite after passing the border but it turned out to be quite far from the old town, it didn’t look very nice and cost 30 Euros so we decided to turn back and find somewhere cheaper. We’ve been before so not too bothered about staying in the main town.

We ended up in a sleepy little village on the sea but I can’t remember the name, it was something like Zolin Malik – about 20 minutes from Dubrovnik. Nothing really to see but the camping spot had a perfect sea view,  it was half the price and there was only us and an elderly couple in a cute little caravan staying the night.

We ate dinner by a Jesus candle light looking out to sea. Paul was going to sleep under the stars but gave it a miss as the wind picked up. Onto Montenegro next.

On a side note – thank you everyone for your comments and we will reply at some point.