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Italy – Venice

From Lake Garda we headed for Venice – again on the motorway. The benefit of motorway riding is that its preserving the bike and we won’t face any hefty European bike repairs but it does mean the ride is pretty dull.

Who knew you could camp in Venice – we drive past 27 camp sites but stayed on the one nearest to the pier for easy access to the ferry. You do have to drive straight past Venice, out to a peninsula but we camp for just 40 Euros for two nights.
We meet two German boys who are cycling to Istanbul as they get put in the same ‘scrubbers’ pitch as us as they don’t have the shiny white box [Caravan] which secures the pitch away from the bins.
This place has an odd array of Europeans – women being pulled on a scooter by her dog, women riding electric bike slower than we are walking and teenager setting his iPod to Eminen before setting off on his evening scoot around the site. It’s a bit how I imagine Butlins would be but that’s not a complaint – we do need something to entertain us. Plus, there is a shop that sells almost everything you could ever need whilst camping/cycling, plus a whole load more tack – Paul was in his dream world and visited three times that day.
We took a day off to visit Venice – it was nice and exactly how it looks in every picture but over crowded – even on a cloudy day. What is slightly odd, is the obsession people seem to have with feeding the pigeons. People were actually actively trying to get the flying rats to sit on their shoulders, legs, hands etc. very strange.
We looked around a few of the few free culture spots, had lunch, visited San Marco Square, walked down all the pretty streets and then left for the day. It would be romantic if it wasn’t for the million or so people that descend on the city.
We’re heading into Slovenia next.