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Hua Hin

The recent lack of posting and our location being set in the UK is because we flew home two weeks ago.  We received a phone call everyone must dread, a very special family member had a serious heart attack and they were in hospital. That member was Kris Sarna, Paul’s beloved granddad. We made it back to the UK and spent what were to be Kris’ last days by his bedside laughing and joking.

He was so normal and still so happy with his life that it made it hard to accept he was seriously ill. His wish was our command in that last week, he had a bloody good life right up until the last moments. Kris, at the age of 89 was a wiz on everything technological, which is just one example of his passion for life. This passion allowed him to be an avid follower of our blog.

The day before he was hospitalised we spoke to him on his brand spanking new smart TV which he’d hooked his Skype account up to. We spoke Kris most days on Skype as he was always so keen to know what we were upto, he was one of a kind.  He alone probably single handily clocked up over 1000 visits to our blog. He was encouraging and supportive of what we are doing and we are truly following in his mantra of doing what makes us happy. We did consider if it would be possible to continue with the trip after loosing someone so special and the emotional strain made us think we may want to remain home but having that last emotional roller coaster week with Kris helped a lot and it was all thanks to the wonderful doctors and nurses that we were able to have that time with him.  We celebrated Kris’ life on Monday with all the family and we flew back to continue our trip from Thailand on Tuesday so bare with us whilst we back track a little.

This is a little tribute to Kris’ life. We love you Kris Sarna and you will be truly truly missed.

23 August 2013 – Going back to where we left off one month ago.  We bid a sad farewell to our home in Bangkok and began the journey down to Hua Hin on the main land. On reflection Bangkok hasn’t changed that much, it still has its fair share of dirty old men lingering between Thai girls, only difference  is that there is now an influx of a new kind of dirty tourist. Women after men, and men after men.  The other amusing thing which I forgot to write about in the last blog [Paul had pointed out that we will be slightly dismissive of quirks of Thailand as we’ve seen it all before and therefore assume everyone has] but this was sort of new for us, we knew it happened, just never experienced It.  When we went to the cinema, before the film began the last ‘preview’ read “please stand for the Kings’s song” The entire audience stood up to pay homage to the king in a 3 minute video, demonstrating all things King. Anything royal family related is taken very seriously, therefore that’s all i’ll be saying on that, as I’d like to return to Thailand.

 The ride out of Bangkok was pretty painful as we were stuck in endless jams , halted at traffic lights that don’t change for 10 minutes in the full heat of the day, makes it unpleasant. But a retreat awaited us in the form of a coffee shop, which are actually everywhere. This one was a pretty swanky affair, Starbucks on steroids.

The road we traveled on was in absolute perfect condition, the traffic receded once we were on the outskirts of Bangkok and it was one road all the way to Hua Hin. The road was inland so not much scenery and not that much to write about either, though all the roads are tree lined and really quite pleasant.

 We made a pit stop at a Yamaha garage to buy some coolant, as the shipping agents in Dubai had drained it without telling us so the bike was completely dry by the time we stopped. The reason my seat was nearly melting then. [The exhaust pipes are under my seat] It’s the first time since Iran that we’ve really been asked about the journey and it actually feels like we’re back on it after the hiatus from the Yamaha in Nepal and India.

Paul indulged in a sausage in a bag from a lovely lady next to tesco lotus whilst being watched eagerly by a scraggy dog and that’s about all I have to write on the road, nothing too unusual happened and no challenges.

Hua Hin is full of luxury holiday makers, so it doesn’t really attract the backpacker types. The beach is nice enough but wrecked by high rises, all the same we enjoyed three days here as it was the first time we’d been to the beach in the daytime since Greece. There are the usual beach sellers but this beach had the added addition of horses which galloped up and down all day long.

We stayed in a nice little place down an alley way run by a family, perfect parking. Its a town full of all the modern conveniences like endless coffee shops, restaurants and bars. Good place for the start of the football season for Paul.

The best thing about this place in my opinion is the thriving night market. Many people were indulging in huge servings of fresh seafood cooked on the street BBQ’s. So big i don’t know how they were physically moving after demolishing huge lobsters, king prawns and potatoes.

The most energetic thing we did whilst in Hua Hin was make a sign in the sand for my best friends wedding, all other energy was exerted sunbathing and swimming. We’re living the easy life. Off to an Island next…