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Halkidiki Greece

Friday 25 May – As we we’re leaving the bird man is very interested in the trip so we leave behind one of our postcards complete with image of us, web address, the route, Tower Bridge and David Beckham.

Before we left the UK we read about a guy who took postcards to hand out to kids, people he met and potentially people who might think he was a threat. He took pictures of various footballers to try and reach a common ground with people, so we have done the same.

A picture of us, David Beckham as nearly everyone knows who he is whether they like him or not, tower bridge to show we’re from the UK and our route to show where we are going.

We head for the middle finger peninsula of Halkidiki as it’s the best for camping. We pass the first finger and it looks awful crammed full of buildings. The middle peninsula is beautiful and spacious, seemed to escaped the claws of chain hotels. From where we are camping you can see Mt.Athos on the third peninsula.

Only half of the third peninsula is accessible by road. It is forbidden to access the other half for anyone other than those on pilgrimage to the monasteries or those on specially arranged tours. However women are completely banned, apparently the Virgin Mary visited one time and since that day they declared there was no space for any other woman to visit. You can take a boat trip and see the monasteries from a distance but might as well just Google them instead.

Whilst the previous night we were in the Romanian tourist destination, we are now in the Bulgarians.  We climbed up the rocks surrounding the campsite beach to eat our staple bread and cheese dinner. Just as we sat down Paul noticed a school of dolphins in the distance, so we ate of dinner as the sunset and the dolphins dipped in and out – can’t ask for better than that. The only downside to this campsite that it is a quite far from the town and the on-site supermarket and bar take advantage of that by charging extortionate prices. Oh and we are staying out of season, so no internet but there’s space on the beach the site is called Armenthesis.

Everywhere in Greece there are little road side trucks serving fast food called Kantina’s. There is one here in Sarti which has the views you would pay a lot of money for at a top restaurant, yet for the pleasure of watching the sunset and having the best view on the peninsula we paid 7 Euros for dinner and beer.

We’re staying here for a few days as we have some time to kill before moving onto Turkey. Plus need to chase the chap from the RAC to see where he is up to with the Carnet – we need it to be ready in a week’s time so Paul’s family can bring it out to Istanbul for us, yet we have still not received the quote – two months after submitting.  I also have my Mum on his case and he has promised quote on Tuesday.

As we are staying here for a few days, there won’t be any posts but I will bore you with the amazing pictures of the sea here.