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From Les Morrets we headed for Lake Annecy – the forecast was more rain. We stopped at the first petrol station to fill up which is now part of the routine. Paul says the bike handles better with a full tank as it adds some weight to the front. It costs between 15 – 19 Euros to fill dependent on where we stop. The average price is around 1.6 Euros per litre and we are only filling up once a day at the moment.

Around 4 hours,  2 service stations and a fair few tolls later we start to approach Lake Annecy. Which is horrible, lots of concrete and heavy traffic.  The lake magnificently appears out of nowhere and the sun was shining. We park the bike, which has been free everywhere in France, call in at the Tourist Info centre for camping info.  The thing which is getting to us both already is the weight of the luggage, particularly arriving somewhere, not setting up camp first and having to carry the top luggage, which not only has our clothes but spare parts/tools too making it ridiculously heavy to carry. Getting supplies for lunch is then made tedious as we can’t look around anywhere and walking to a nice spot to eat becomes a full on work out,  in 6 layers of thermals and bike gear, you definitely work-up a sweat.  We can’t quite believe we have only ever heard of the place because of the murdered British family, it really is beautiful.

There were quite a few villages on the lake to choose from, we chose Talloires, which was actually the best one. The left side of the lake is far more beautiful than the right. Talloires was 12km from Annecy centre which meant it was quiet and the traffic not too bad. We camp for 18 euros at Le Fannonet which is just outside Talloires but included ‘wee-fee’ [wi-fi] only you have to sit with the owner Madam Taussads, to use it.

Arriving quite early into Annecy  meant we had chance to explore a little so went to the lake near our camp site and had a drink with a view.  After walking to find everywhere closed or too expensive, we retreated back to Madam Taussads restaurant for a take-away pizza and then watched a film called Jamapur in our tent.

We decide to stay the following day, and we are soooo glad we did. Paul went on an early morning ride without me and the luggage. Then we head into Annecy together. It was a Sunday and there was a market in the town where you could buy anything, but most appealing is the food. Streets and streets of it, French markets are amazing, we can’t resist, so buy enough for lunch and dinner.

We then try to find ‘Cascade D’Angon’ on the bike, which is not very well sign-posted at all. We fail. But we did go on an amazing ride high up over the lake where the paragliders,  that seem to be constantly falling from sky, launch from. We see lots of bikers on the way up. The bike did struggle up the steep, winding, mountain roads  and that was without luggage. We ended up finding it by foot instead a 40 minute hike later was the biggest waterfall I have ever seen.  Paul did the first bit of maintenance when we got back – cleaning and greasing the chain. He also discovered our foot pump pressure gauge doesn’t work, trusty tool from TK Maxx.

We woke up the next morning and it’s raining, so we pack up in toilet again and then set-off for Italy.