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Final Farewell

The night before we left we enjoyed our last meal of ‘Pizza Face’ with the Jakester [3 year old nephew] and we set off the next morning.

With less than half an hour before we left, Jake jumped onto the bike with only him and Paul around causing it to tip. Jake came running into house with the words “you need to come quick, uncle Paul caught it but he can’t hold it much longer, it’s going to fall on him” we ran outside to find Paul only just holding the bike off the floor – nothing like it to settle the nerves. For the last week, the weight we’re [paul] is carrying has been a massive stress and seeing it tip so easy only added to the stress.

Before you read much more of this blog, if you don’t know me, you will not know that I am relentlessly ripped for telling pointless stories, many of which are more than likely to appear here.

Thankfully we made it to Dover, via a trip to Microsoft for one final farewell. On handing over our ferry ticket the chap asked the question ‘You got far to go?’ If felt quite surreal to say New Zealand.

This was the point everything became very real, I think it dawned on me that we’re probably not entirely ready.

It only felt like we were on the ferry for 10 minutes – just enough to meet a guy who had traveled to England that morning from Germany to collect a bike and was now on his way back to Hamburg.