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Yesterday we did the longest drive so far nearly 400 miles and we are just 5 miles short of 7000 on the mileage which means we have done almost 2000 miles since leaving the UK two weeks ago today.

We hadn’t planned to drive for so long but we knew a village we really wanted to get to and the exact house we wanted to stay in. The drive was painful though numb arses, deadlegs and numb hands.

Passing from Slovenia into Croatia was the first time we have been asked for passports. We handed them over and the policeman made us very nervous. He scanned Paul’s for quite a long time flicking through the pages, holding the photo page upto the light, asking his colleague to look at it, then holding it under a UV light and then only after another flick of the pages, he handed them both back and let us through. We both have the old type passports [no chip] so no difference.

Paul pointed out after he didn’t once ask us to remove our helmet’s so we could of actually been anyone, bit silly really, I think he just was just having a bit of fun at our expense. Another 200 meters down the road you have to produce your passports again but this was much quicker – quick look, scan and stamp and we’re in Croatia.

It was chilly passing over the Istrian mountains but as soon as you pass them the landscape changes from Alpine to hot and barren. You can see the glistening coast in the distance and the temperature raises by 10 degrees the wind however does not stop.

We made it to Skradin around 7ish and knocked on old man’s gate but much to our disappointment he was not home. We stayed with old man last year for 15 Euros a night so we’re looking forward to the cheap room but it wasn’t to be, we learnt he had gone home to Serbia for a few weeks.

Luckily most the residents of Skradin have some sort of room or ‘Sobe’ you can rent and a guy approached us to stay with him. It’s double the price of old man’s but it is pretty luxury.

We hired some push bikes today and headed for the waterfalls. It’s out of season at the moment so it’s very different from when we last visited – no crowds and the water is too cold to swim. We ride up a massive winding hill and I wonder how the round the world cyclists do it and then ride back down.

I was keen to film some of it which proved to be a bit of mistake as I pulled on my front brake too hard and sent myself over the handle bars. No damage to the camera luckily or me – just a little scrape on my leg and a sore hand. The bike however didn’t do so well. The seat came completely off and the basket got bashed in but nothing Paul couldn’t put right. I’m glad he was so adamant that I was not allowed to ride a motorbike.

We’re spending a couple of days to get a service done on the motorbike and plan the next bit of the route so probably no posts until we move on.