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Croatia into Bosnia

We spent a day in Šibenik on Wednesday whilst the bike was serviced at a local Yamaha shop. We didn’t pre-book so had to wait around. Nice old town but not much to do for 6 hours in the hot sun so we joined some golden oldies and hung out on the park benches for an afternoon nap. Full service and new brake pads to the back cost just under £100.

We set off from Skradin with the intention of making it to Bosnia. The wind however was horrendous. The motorway or the coast road were the only two options. After driving on the motorway for 20 minutes Paul had enough of being pulled across the lanes and took the coast road instead.

The wind is scary.The gusts don’t conform and occur when you expect them like a gap in buildings, coming out of a tunnel, lorry passing etc. They just suddenly happen at any time. As it was completely unsafe to drive in those conditions and it was raining with thunderstorms forecast, we only drove 70 km to Trogir before calling it a day at 11.30am. Camping was out of the question so we found a room for the day, sampled a Burek – spinach or cheese filled filo pastry and made a website sticker out of gaffa tape. Hence why there are only two pictures on this post.

When we set off for Bosnia the next morning and conditions were perfect. The dark clouds were looming so we were expecting rain but the winds were gone. The Croatian coast is beautiful and then as we headed in land the winding roads were quiet too.

When we got to the border we were told we couldn’t buy insurance there. So we went to the nearest town which was Imotski, to try and arrange insurance but after going to three different brokers, none of them offered insurance for Bosnia. So we had to go to a bigger border crossing at Donji Vinjani.

Once at the crossing we brought insurance for 4 Euros for a week. Done through a women sat in a small room in the back of border crossing cafe. It’s the yellow building on the right if anyone ever needs motor insurance for Bosnia.