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Friday 14 June – After a slow packup as we know its only a short drive today, we fill with petrol and are offered a lemonade or Cay, the offers of tea are becoming more regular now,  but we’re keen to get on a way as we know what awaits. Three days in Cappadocia, Goreme.

Cappadocia is a magical place. We stayed three days at the Kelebek cave hotel and just relaxed for a few days. Hired some push bikes for exercise, then explored the ancient cave dwellings and the surrounding valleys. The chimney rock formations here really make you feel your somewhere like nowhere else on the planet, and to add to the magic we woke at 05.30 am to view the hot air balloons floating over the ancient town. If you come to Turkey, make sure you go here.

Whilst it is a tourist hubb, it’s not busy at all and it’s retained its authentic feel, maybe its the fact that you don’t get hassled anywhere. We splashed out and enjoyed a pottery kebap dinner at a traditional Turkish restaurant called ‘Dibek’. You have to order 3 hours in advance as they actually cook it in the garden pot that they break at the table.

Since Aksaray we have been withdrawing dollars in preparation for Iran and Pakistan as no ATMs. It’s proving difficult as we either can’t find an ATM with dollars or the one we find runs out after one withdrawal. In hindsight we should have been doing this earlier but didn’t want to be carrying lots of cash either.  We’re reluctantly leaving the beautiful Cappadocia to head for Malatya next to start the journey to the Iran border.