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One week to go

This past weekend, paul and my dad lowered the bike, fitted the quick release mechanism to the Alpos boxes and fitted the pannier frames to the bike. We then went on a test ride to the Ace Cafe in London, but just us – no luggage. We met Austin and Gerald Vince from Mondo Enduro – i acted like a massive teenage girl and got all giggly, complete geek [Paul was embarrassed by me, i was embarrassed by myself], but we did get the full DVD.

Paul has been massively stressed and regretted the whole decision on more than a few occasions. Some were stresses which were self-inflicted such as deciding to change the bike we were to go on, less than three weeks before we are due to leave. So with less than a week to go we still own the old bike but don’t have insurance to drive it, we don’t have the V5 back from DVLA for the new bike, which means we also don’t have the Carnet de Passage as you need the V5 to get it,  we still own a car and our luggage weighs too much.