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Sydney and New Zealand

Sunday 16 March – So it had come, the day of the final day of riding. We woke up early and packed up camp, and although it was still quite chilly for us up in the Blue Mountains it was a clear day. We had some breakfast and grabbed our last few things out of the fridge minus half a big bar of chocolate which had disappeared. Paul thought he had sussed the culprit, a five year old girl on the next table was looking pretty sheepish. Well we have travelled across half the world and only had a plastic bowl and half a bar of chocolate nicked. Funny no one had listed getting fleeced by sweet toothed little girls as a potential danger when reeling them off before we left.

The ride down the mountains was cold but as soon as we got to lower ground the weather was perfect and we even called at Mcdonald’s for one last soft serve, before we reached the outskirts of the city. As we got closer to Sydney the traffic became heavier and heavier. And to add to the fun there were big black clouds stalking us and moving in quick. There was a nice constant threat of speed cameras and angry drivers ready to make the wrong decisions.

Out of nowhere Sydney City loomed into view. Paul had two goals– ride in over the Harbour Bridge and get a token picture of the bike infront of the opera house with blue skies. Well, we were on a bridge but it was not the Harbour one as we could see that on left. We made our way through the city and crossed the Harbour Bridge back over to the side we didn’t need to be on, just for the fun of it, though it didn’t turn out to be that fun as it had started really pissing it down.

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Brisbane and New South Wales

Saturday 1 March – Back on the Highway we were heading to Noosa. The riding is now pretty dull, and not a whole lot to write on it. Noosa is a bit of yuppy town lots of golfing resorts and boats. People we have come across seem to be a bit miserable too, especially in the supermarket. The lady on the check out would have got a telling off from the checkout supervisor in Nantwich Sainsbury’s for her lack of customer service. I remember Paul got the compliment of being the worst checkout person she’d ever seen back in his Sainsbury’s days. He got moved to the home department after that episode. Even at the campsite check-in the women was pretty miserable not even the normal Australian greeting of ‘how you goin?.’

Noosas pretty spread out, there was a yacht marina and nice foreshore area on one side of the peninsula and then a more laid back surfing beach on the other, both areas have lots of nice looking places to eat and drink. It seems to be the place for families having parties; all the public BBQ and picnic areas were in use and had even been cordoned off for weddings. The campsite we were staying at matched the area, pristine lawns and cooking area and home to really colourful birds Paul tried and failed to entice them with bread onto the bike. He also failed in his frog selfie – there was a frog on the post next to the tent. We thought we were pretty scrubby, stocking up on sugars and plastic cutlery from McDonalds, but no there is a lower class than us. Someone stole one of our only two bowls. We don’t have plates. So now one of us eats out of the cooking tin, too scrubby to even buy a new one.

We spent one day at the surf beach watching some amazing little boys surf for a competition; the waves were pretty big and crashing so hard I wish I’d invested in an all-in-one cosie not a bikini. We did a very small walk up the headland in hope of spotting koala bears but there were none.

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